Healthy Tips for 2023!

This time of year typically brings with it temporary vows of change and hard to stick to resolutions, but we all know that consistent effort over the long haul is the only true way to achieve results. Health is a lifestyle and is created by the millions of small choices you make day by day throughout the years.

Keep it simple. Start with the basics to be your healthiest self in 2023!

  • Eat Real Food – Choose mostly vegetables and good sources of protein (organic chicken, grass fed beef, cold water fish, omega 3 eggs, etc.) and skip the refined carbs, sugar, and packaged foods. Choose to drink more water.


  • Move Everyday – Movement is medicine!
  1. Exercise your heart and cardiovascular system with at least 30 minutes of movement that gets your heart rate up most days. It doesn’t need to be 30 minutes in a row!
  2. Build muscle to combat age related muscle decline with some type of strength training twice a week. Some simple goals include working up to 25 standing single leg calf raises, holding a one minute plank and side plank and deadlifting your bodyweight. Fight fragility with fitness!
  3. Keep your joints mobile, spine stable and mind and body connected through breathing with Pilates and DNS work on the mat or equipment a few times a week. Try lying on your back and focusing on feeling your ribs moving in and out to the sides while breathing. See if you can feel a 3D increase in pressure in your abdomen to anchor your back to the ground. Then move one bent leg at a time into the air over your hip keeping your spine stable.


  • Sleep Well – Restful sleep is important for recovery from your daily activities. Make the choice to limit screen time before bed, have a wind down routine, set a bedtime and stick to it. Choose a mattress and pillow that allow proper support for your spine and don’t be afraid to check in with a sleep specialist if you’re snoring. Sleep apnea is a very common and correctable issue.

Every choice you make is either a step toward or away from being healthy. Moving forward can be as simple as making more good choices than bad ones most of the time. Commit to these big 3 and then sprinkle in some self care like chiropractic visits, mindfulness, getting out in nature, talking to friends, etc. and set yourself up for your healthiest year yet!

We’re here for you! Please reach out if you have questions or need help reaching your health goals.

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