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Pain isn’t always a direct result of a trauma or injury, but can be a slow burning dysfunction from your past history, current faulty movement strategies or breathing patterns. Get to know yourself better, how you breathe, how you move. We can help you tune in, become aware, and build your resilience.

Move like a baby to get stronger! Our rehab programs uniquely center around the exciting concepts of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) blended into a Pilates environment. We assess your movement in comparison to ideal posture and stabilization milestones seen in a baby’s first year as they progress from lying and rolling to crawling and walking.

Creating stability comes first. Did you know your body does that through breathing? Our one on one rehab sessions begin with helping you to discover how to use your diaphragm to generate a stabilizing pressure in your abdomen to improve congruence at joint surfaces and create an elongated and upright posture. The end result: cleaner movement, better function, less pain.



Optimal Stability and Alignment:
Train your breathing to stabilize and

co-activate the muscles of your abdominal wall creating spinal stiffness and elongation which allows your extremities to move efficiently, improving your performance.

Functional Joint Centration:
Learn how to keep your joints healthy by loading them evenly, reducing excessive shearing, balancing how the muscles work and keeping your ligaments strong.

Dynamic Joint Mobility:
Focus on restoring and maintaining full range of motion and flexibility of the most commonly stiff and compressed joints like the feet, shoulders, hips and upper back leading to less pain, improved posture and better overall movement patterns.

New to


No problem! Working in an unfamiliar environment is the best way to examine familiar patterns like squatting, lunging, reaching, and twisting. The Pilates equipment is perfect for adding just the right amount of support or resistance to integrate your entire movement system and trigger familiar pathways in your brain that helped you learn how to walk when you were a baby. Sometimes you need to go back to move forward!

Find out where you are compared to where you want to be and we will develop a workable plan to get you there with new, sustainable movement strategies.

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Private Rehab Sessions are 30/45/60 minutes.
Insurance is not accepted for these visits.