COVID-19 Updates

As of 1.1.21

With the return of fall and winter weather and most activities heading indoors, it is more important than ever that we remain committed to providing you a safe environment during your visits to the office and studio. As you probably know, COVID numbers are rising again in NJ. We have implemented many new protocols throughout this pandemic and thought that now would be a perfect time to review them and go over the new steps we are taking to keep our patients, students and staff safe.


One of the most important steps to decreasing transmission risk is reducing the flow of students and patients through the office. We are asking all patients and students that happen to arrive early for your appointment or class, to please remain in your car until 5 minutes before your appointment or class start time. At that time, we encourage patients to make a quick call to our office before coming up for your appointment to ensure the doctor is ready for you. Our waiting area will be closed and we would like to make sure the patient before you has had a chance to leave before you come up.


When you enter the office, please wear your face mask and wash your hands either with the touchless dispenser at the door or the bottle of hand sanitizer at the front desk. Please complete the Covid-19 questionnaire by checking yes/no to each question and signing on each visit. Your touchless temperature will also be checked and recorded on this page.


Please remember, family members and others are not permitted to enter the office with you for your appointment unless they are also being treated. Pilates students must wear socks and masks to participate in class.


Since new recommendations state that this virus is not only transmissible through respiratory droplets but also through aerosols, we take ventilation very seriously. We installed high efficiency air purifiers in our waiting area, treatment rooms, and studio. These are powerful machines that we leave on the highest setting to clean all the air in the room once every 20 minutes. This is very important since every patient visit will have a clean room upon entry. We also have plenty of windows throughout our office and will be opening them to create a flow of fresh, outdoor air throughout the office. Because of this, it can get quite cool during your visit or class so please dress accordingly and bring along a sweater or jacket if necessary. Your safety is of utmost importance and we may have to compromise a bit of our comfort on chillier days. It is our goal to provide our patients and students with a healthy, safe environment where they know we have their best interests at heart!