Let’s Get Moving! Think like an athlete with this simple plan to feel your best!

Most people know I really appreciate efficient human movement, so for me, watching the Tokyo Olympics was a daily treat! For a few weeks, I couldn’t get enough of the displays of elite athleticism across so many different disciplines and wonder how hard they all must have worked to get there. 

Even though making an Olympic team may not be your goal, (a girl can dream though!), thinking like an athlete will no doubt help you become the healthiest version of yourself!

Those of us over 40 know that we naturally start to lose muscle mass as we age. New aches and pains or old chronic issues we never fully dealt with can no longer be ignored. Even still, it’s astonishing that a little more than a quarter of Americans are completely inactive and less than 5% of adults exercise for the minimum recommended 30 minutes a day. A whopping 80% of adults do not meet the bare minimum guidelines of cardio and strength activities per week. So how does this make us feel? – in a nutshell, OLD!

So, let’s take back some control over the aging process! Think like an athlete. 

  • Let’s train instead of “workout”. We are on a mission to decrease inflammation, build strong muscles to move easier through the day, and keep our hearts healthy. 

  • Let’s fuel up instead of mindlessly overeating. Choose foods that make you feel good after you eat them and decide to consciously choose not to eat those that don’t.

  • Let’s practice getting adequate sleep. Give our bodies a chance to fully recover and be fresh to make better choices the next day.

We all know setting small goals is the way to achieve the bigger ones. 

Here’s a simple list to get it done and become healthier with age.

  1. 5 days a week 30 minutes of cardio exercise (150 minutes/week) 
  2. 2 full body strength sessions a week
  3. 1 body awareness mobility and stability training session a week

We can help you learn where your weak spots are, figure out what needs improvement, and teach you a simple home program that focuses on specifically that. 

Practice a few key movements every day to prepare your body for anything you throw at it. 

Dr. Kerri is available for private or duet sessions to evaluate your baseline and create your customized plan to feel your best. Group classes are also a great way to build your foundation – learn how to hinge, squat, push, pull, lunge and more with stability, control and ease. Create resilience and enjoy your life! 

For more info, click https://nelsonpilates.com/schedule-appt/.  Let us help you unleash the athlete within you!

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