NeuroKinetic Therapy Schedule

Dr. Eric Nelson has been a lead instructor for NeuroKinetic Therapy Seminars since 2013. He teaches all 3 levels of
NKT as well as online study groups for students all over the world. His in-person classes are taught in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, New Jersey, Atlanta, and Arizona. He also teaches internationally in Belgium and Amsterdam. NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) is a manual muscle testing technique that Dr. Nelson uses daily to help direct specific treatment plans for all his patients. 

NKT is invaluable in determining which structures need manual therapy and which need specific exercises. It is utilized by many different types of healthcare providers and exercise-based practitioners making NKT Seminars a highly sought after post graduate education program. Dr. Nelson teaches chiropractors, physical therapists, medical doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, strength coaches, personal trainers, yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, running coaches, athletic trainers, and others.

level 1

Teaches the concepts and protocols of NKT as well how to manually muscle test almost every muscle in the body.

level 2

Introduces integrative movement systems and key assessment procedures including rotation, compression, and decompression testing. The NKT approach to the jaw and the diaphragm is introduced as well.

level 3

Introduces a new protocol to give the practitioner the ability to assess most structures in the body including ligaments, tendons, scars, jaw muscles, and cranial sutures.

Dr. Nelson's current teaching schedule is listed below. For more information or to register for a class, click the button below for the official NKT website registration page.