Our mission is to help you Breathe, Stabilize and Move to the best of your potential!  Proper breathing will saturate your body with oxygen, improve your stabilization and allow you to move in the most efficient way possible.  This will help you get better faster, decrease your chance of injury and improve your athletic performance.  Almost every faulty movement pattern has its beginning in faulty breathing.

Utilizing a functional assessment, our goal is to identify any of your potential faulty movement patterns.  From here, our doctors will utilize specific muscle testing procedures to identify any muscle imbalances which may be present.  With this information, our doctors will then be able to determine which muscles/receptors will need to be treated with manual therapy and which muscles/movement patterns need specific exercises.  Homework exercises will be prescribed to reinforce the changes made during your treatment at the office.

Faulty movement patterns take 300 repetitions to develop and 3000 repetitions to correct.  For this reason, it is vital to your recovery that you practice your home exercises given at the end of each visit at least 2 times per day until your next appointment. 

Once your condition has stabilized and your symptoms are decreasing, it is important for you to integrate your new movement patterns.  Our doctor of physical therapy will work with you to increase your body awareness and develop optimal breath, stabilization and movement.   After working one-on-one, our doctor of physical therapy will progress you into a small group environment to continue integrating your good habits.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our monthly Movement Fundamentals Class which will reinforce your awareness of diaphragmatic breathing and stabilization.  This class will incorporate all of the concepts integral to a speedy recovery.

All of our programs at Nelson Chiropractic and Pilates Center are designed with the purpose of helping you Breathe, Stabilize, and Move to the best of your potential!  Your participation in your treatment is vital.  We look forward to assisting you in your active care plan.

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