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Welcome to Nelson Chiropractic and Pilates Center

Our dedicated team of doctors and unique approach to caring for active people make us the area's premier program for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction.

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What's New

  • An Out of the Box Case Study
  • Act Like a Baby and Get Stronger
  • Building a Strong Foundation
  • The Evolution of the Stress Response
  • Slow Down to Heal
  • Take a Breath to Stabilize!
  • Pelvic Floor PT
  • Training In All 3 Planes of Motion
  • 21 Day Diet Reboot
  • A Runner's Story
  • DNS Course for Women's Health

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a patient who had traumatically injured her elbow. As many of you know, my rehabilitation style is non-traditional. I use Pilates-based rehabilitation to perform functional movements which focus on coordination of breathing and core stability to achieve appropriate body mechanics. So, you

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It's pretty amazing, if you've ever stopped to think about it, that a human baby can go from lying helplessly when born to crawling, standing and walking within the span of about 15 months without ever being taught.

Imagine what that rapid progression would mean to an adult! The medical/rehabilitation

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                Recently, as my wife and I were looking for a new home, we found what seemed to be the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood. As we prepared our offer, we asked a contractor to come over to assess how much it

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Flashback 200,000 years to an ancestor of modern man, living as a hunter-gatherer in a world where the threat of becoming prey was a legitimate concern. Just as he had done a hundred times before, he sat near the watering hole, enjoying some of the berries he had recently picked.

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We treat a lot of athletes at Nelson Chiropractic & Pilates Center. The last thing we want to do is to have an athlete stop all activity. Unfortunately, sometimes, based on the issue, there aren’t many options and an athlete needs to withdraw from all painful activity. Before getting to

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Happy April! It's time to shake this winter off and take a deep breath!  But before you do, let's take a moment to make sure you're creating the best possible chance to make that breath really work in your best interest. 

Because breathing is a necessity in life and happens

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While I am sure many of you are by now familiar with the cutting edge Pilates based physical therapy that Dr. Amanda Heritage provides our patients at Nelson Chiropractic, something you may not know is that she is also this area's leading specialist in pelvic floor physical therapy!  We caught
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As we break into the new year, many people have made promises and goals about getting their bodies in better shape. The goals are often focused on weight loss or better output in the gym. Oftentimes, it includes some combination of the two. The reality of sticking with those promises

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Is the Standard American Diet killing us one bite at a time? The modern form of humans have roamed this planet for 200,000 years, yet in the past 100, we have taken a turn so sharp in our health and wellness that no one could've predicted our current state of

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A runner training for his first 5k recently came in due to pain on the bottom of his foot, self-diagnosed plantar fasciitis. He noted that it was worse in the morning, especially during the first few steps. He was currently wearing custom orthotics and brand new running shoes, which did

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MAY 20-21, 2017


Course objectives - DNS approach to:

  • Basic principles of developmental kinesiology with an emphasis on development during the first year of life
  • The relationship between development during the first year of life and pathology of the locomotor system in adulthood.
  • Assessment of
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What Our Clients Say

  • Thank you Dr. Nelson for helping to get my brain and body working together. I am always amazed and excited to watch you work your magic using your gifts and talents. Thank you. - Larry F.
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